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Parents' Association

The Parents’ Association in an independent school provides a vital service to the school leadership and the school community. Every parent is a member of the Association.

Park's Parents’ Association organizes programming, supports Park Connects, provides grade level support for students and parents, welcomes new families, and informs parents about Park’s philosophy and programs.

Park parents host a listserv on Google Groups, an easy-to-use format that provides a great way for the community to stay in touch. For instructions on how to join or change your subscription settings, please click HERE

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Jayme Wood ’93

Parent Program Coordinatorjwood@parkschool.net410-339-4136

Lauren Blum ’93

Parent Program Administrative Assistantpa@parkschool.net410-339-4147

Parents’ Association Leadership


Melissa Kaplan

1st Vice President

Stacey Kunar

Vice Presidents

Grade Level Support

Smadar Haika-Fox
Nina Knoche

New Parent Support

Sophia Rudisill Holmes
John Debes

Volunteer Support

Missy Rohrbach
Carla Cooper

Special Grants Chairs

Katie Davis
Nancy Hudes
Stephen Murphy


Mindy Kramer
Kate Mack


Leah Barron
Karla Bunz
Jineki Butler Clark


Tiffany Arrington


Lindsey Sachs

Correspondence Secretary

Amy Highstein-Berman


Jeanette LeBlanc

Assistant Treasurer

Anne Wetzler

Grade Representative Coordinators

Lower School

Patti Stude

Middle School

Natalya Makarevich

Upper School

Sarah Davison

Community Representatives

Lisa Field
Betsy Hannibal

Park Connects Chairs

Katie Holden
Ann Quinn

Members at Large

Steven Carroll
Jonathan Earley
Keri Sackey