Middle School


Appalachian Challenge

Appalachian Challenge is Park’s nationally-recognized outdoor education program. Middle Schoolers take Challenge as a P.E. requirement, and many become Challenge Leaders.

Hands on Science

In Middle School science class, students are encouraged to think, explore, and behave like scientists.

Grade Level Field Trips

While students enjoy standard field trips related to their classes throughout the year, each grade also organizes overnight trips which provide opportunities for focused group interaction and exposure to sights and events farther away than the Baltimore metropolitan area.

Monumental Research

Seventh graders explore the theme of identity in American society. How do individuals and groups create their identities? How do societies deal with differences? When different group identities come into conflict, how do individuals make informed choices? The course culminates with a major research paper, complemented by a symbolic hands-on construction project.

At Park we have thoughtfully planned each year of Middle School to respect the distinctive developmental characteristics of adolescents.

During the Middle School years, the ability to reason abstractly and to think analytically emerges. Students begin to question the relevance of what they are learning and to think about how to apply what they know to real world situations. They are energetic and social. They thrive in a collaborative and active learning environment.

Park’s Middle School teachers understand the complexities of this developmental phase and are committed to creating a stimulating, safe, and caring atmosphere. They are dedicated to supporting their students as they confront the many challenges of adolescence.

We make the most of the need for social interaction by providing regular opportunities for collaboration and group projects. We channel the students’ high energy by providing a physical setting that supports movement and hands-on work. We engage their curiosity and challenge them to think critically about everything from long division to American history.

The Middle School curriculum builds upon and refines basic skills while encouraging mastery in specific topics. Our teachers seek authentic interdisciplinary connections as they work to offer a diverse curriculum, reflective of our world and of the students in our school.