Physical Education

Sixth and Seventh Grades

The mission of The Park School physical education program is to provide students with a basic foundation of motor and manipulative skills, an understanding of the importance of physical fitness and sport, and the opportunity to develop effective personal and social skills. Students will be provided the opportunity and information necessary to make decisions about physical activity for their personal challenge, enjoyment, health, self-expression, and social interaction. Our goal is to promote a positive learning environment that meets the needs and abilities of all students and encourages them to maintain a physically active lifestyle. 

Instruction in the major sport of the season begins with fundamental skills and gradually progresses to more difficult techniques. Students engage in drills and lead-up games; they also learn rules and strategy. Where appropriate, each unit culminates in half-field/court and full-field/court scrimmages.

Units we cover include but are not limited to:

Badminton Cross Country Football


Basketball Disc Golf Handball


Box Soccer Field Hockey Lacrosse

Ultimate Frisbee

Circus Aarts Fitness Training Pickleball



Eighth Grade

This program is an elective-based curriculum that allows students to explore their varied interests and talents. The scope of this program is quite large and includes competitive and non-competitive activities, team and individual activities, activities that will be useful into adulthood, and activities more geared to adolescents. Some of the activities are coed. Each elective unit lasts for three weeks. Students select all units at the end of seventh grade or during the summer.

The list of course offerings include but are not limited to:

Adventure Program Fitness Training Lacrosse

Team Handball

Badminton Flag Football Lawn Games

Ultimate Frisbee

Basketball Golf Orienteering & Hiking


Box Soccer Indoor Hockey Recreational Games


Circus Arts Indoor Games Soccer


Disc Golf Indoor Soccer Softball