The Malone Scholars Program at Park

The Malone Scholars Program at Park

IN 2012, THE PARK SCHOOL WAS SELECTED TO RECEIVE A $2 MILLION ENDOWMENT GRANT from the prestigious Malone Family Foundation, based in Englewood, Colorado. The grant, providing tuition assistance, has had an immediate effect and will continue to positively impact the lives of individual students and our community throughout Park's second century and beyond. We are grateful to the Malone Foundation for such a meaningful acknowledgment of support of Park's mission.


From 2000 to 2012, just 50 independent schools throughout the United States were selected to receive a $2 million endowment grant by the Malone Family Foundation on the basis of their academic caliber; the quality of their staff; excellent accommodations for talented students; strong enrichment programs; attention to the individual student's needs, interests and talents; financial strength and stability; a commitment to financial aid; and an economically, culturally, ethnically, and socially diverse population.

Park is one of two Maryland schools, and the only Baltimore school, to be so recognized.

"The selection by the Malone Family Foundation is not only recognition of the many elements that come together at Park to create an environment where creative minds flourish; it is also a perfect alignment of goals whereby the school and the Foundation can make a real difference in students' lives as well as in the community as a whole."

—Head of School Dan Paradis

If you have a child who is bright and motivated –– and would benefit from a unique opportunity to pursue an education at a school where students are at the center of learning; where the faculty is inspired and inspiring; and where excellence is the natural outcome –– we encourage you to apply.

For more information on the Malone Family Foundation, its goals, and the selection process, visit

the malone application process

The vision and generosity of the Malone Family Foundation enables Park School to pay forward two additional need-based tuition assistance grants each year to academically talented students entering Grades 7-10. Applicants considered for this honor must be exceptional students who place in the top five percent of their class, demonstrate academic achievement, exemplary citizenship, leadership potential, and financial need. In addition to tuition expenses, the program provides a stipend for educational expenses related to the student's course of study and extracurricular activities at Park.

U.S. citizens applying to Grades 7–10, and eligible for need-based tuition assistance in amounts between 30 percent and 100 percent, are invited to apply to the Malone Scholar Program. Once selected, students will continue to receive a need-based grant through grade twelve and will retain the designation of Malone Scholar regardless of future tuition assistance needs.

Families interested in applying for the Malone Scholar Program must complete all of the following: the Park School admission application, the tuition assistance application, and the Malone Scholar application. All of these materials are due by December 1. Finalists will be selected and invited for a formal Malone Scholar interview in late January. Those not invited to interview will continue to be considered for Park School’s need-based tuition assistance program.