Park's task is to engage children in experiences that will encourage and sustain their innate curiosity and joy in learning.


During the Middle School years, the ability to reason abstractly and to think analytically emerges.


Our teachers know that children thrive in a collaborative and active learning environment.


In addition to teaching fundamental skills, our teachers encourage Lower School students to become independent thinkers, responsible for their own work.


K1 and K2 classrooms offer rich mathematical experiences for children, which are grounded in play-based activities.


It is the objective of the school to prepare students in the broadest sense, not only for further academic achievement, but also for the continuing process of choosing for themselves from the widest range of possibilities life offers.


Park’s Athletics Department provides opportunities for all athletes to reach their potential and compete in an environment where their experiences are positive and rewarding. Teams go into every game expecting to win and into every season expecting to be champions.


The academic process offers young people a dynamic view of the nature of knowledge and the experiences of learning, and supports their efforts to construct life-affirming meaning


The curriculum in the arts affirms our belief that creativity is a natural component of the emerging personality, worthy of development and educational attention. All courses include instruction in technique, aesthetics, an awareness of the history of the arts, and critical thinking.


One of our goals at Park is to effect change and to excite our students to take on the challenges of our time, including the stewardship of our planet.


Children learn and retain information best when they see the connections among ideas. The Lower School curriculum is structured around thematic studies that weave together history, social studies, geography, literature, science, math, and the arts.

Although campus is closed, our Admission Team is available to engage virtually with prospective parents at your convenience. Please either inquire HERE or reach out to the following divisional admission directors according to your grade(s) of interest:

Megan Ford
Director of Primary Level Admission, Grades Pre-k through Grade 2

Cheveé Taylor ’01
Director of Upper Elementary and Middle School Admission,
Grades 3–8

Ruthie Sachs Kalvar ’85
Director of Admission, Director of Upper School Admission,
Grades 9–12

We look forward to connecting with you. In the meantime, please stay healthy and safe.

The Park School Admission Team

Park is...

  • a co-educational setting for students pre-kindergarten (age 4) through grade twelve on a 100-acre campus nestled two miles north of the city line.
  • a school founded over 100 years ago in response to limited choices for independent school education. It was a school open to many — with a varied student body that challenged the common practices of the time. Today, the school remains committed to sustaining a diverse environment where multiple perspectives are heard and considered.
  • a place where we believe that, as our community grows, so do we.

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