Teacher Recommendations

Most schools will ask for teacher recommendations along with the application. Usually, a student will need to obtain two recommendations from teachers in different academic disciplines who have taught the student during the junior or senior year.

Choosing Teachers

When deciding whom to ask for recommendations, students should consider:

  •     Which teachers know me best?
  •     Who has written about me most expressively and accurately in my comments?
  •     Is there a particular field in which I am interested?

A student may also choose to ask for one supplemental recommendation. This should come from individuals, such as coaches, advisors, art teachers, or employers, who know the student in a context beyond the classroom. Supplemental recommendations should only be included if they add new information not already communicated elsewhere in the application. Students should speak with their counselor about any potential supplemental recommendations.

Important Dates

May/June of Junior Year

Students should ask teachers about recommendations in May or June of the junior year.

Fall of Senior Year

They should then remind the teachers of their request in early fall of the senior year. The College Counseling office will provide a form for students to give to each recommender.

Three weeks prior to Application Deadline

Important! At least three weeks before the application deadline(s), students should request letters of recommendation both in person and in writing, with a list of schools and deadlines.

Students: Please remember to thank your recommenders profusely for doing this!