2019 Exploratory Learning Week Course Selection Form

Student Information

Full-Morning Classes (8:45-12:10)

If you are enrolled as an actor or crew member in 8th Grade Production or elect to participate in one of the other full-morning classes, please enter your selection here and skip to Block 3. These classes will take both 90-minute morning sessions.

AS A REMINDER: if you are an actor or crew member in the 8th Grade Production, you must select the production course. It is only open to currently enrolled actors and crew members.

Block 1 (8:45 – 10:15)

Block 2 (10:40 – 12:10)

Block 3 (1:20 – 2:20)

Top Priority Class

There is no guarantee that you will get this class, but every attempt will be made to place you in your top choice. This overall top choice should be the same as one of the top choices you made in each of the three time blocks. It should not be a fourth top choice.

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