Children's Books Written by Park's Librarians

Children's Books Written by Park's Librarians

The Park School Library has something no one else has: acclaimed children's author Laura Amy Schlitz who will be happy to personalize copies of her books. The library has limited quantities of many of Laura's and former librarian Twig C. George's books for sale. Both authors' books are also available for purchase at the school store.

If you would like to purchase any of Laura's and Twig's books through the Library, call or e-mail Kimberly Hilsee 410-339-4181. 

Books by Twig C. George

Title Format Price
A Dolphin Named Bob Hardbound $17.00
A Dolphin Named Bob Paperback $7.00
Ice Whale Hardbound $19.00
Jellies Paperback $10.00
Pocket Guide to the Outdoors Paperback $11.00


Books by Laura Amy Schlitz

Title Format Price (incl. tax)
Amber and Clay Hardbound $20.00
A Drowned Maiden's Hair Hardbound $10.00
A Drowned Maiden's Hair Paperback $9.00
Good Masters Sweet Ladies: Tales of a Medieval Village Hardbound $22.00
Hardbound  $18.00
Splendors and Glooms Hardbound  $19.00
The Bearskinner Hardbound $18.00
The Hero Schliemann Hardbound $19.00
The Hero Schliemann Paperback $9.00
The Hired Girl Hardbound $19.00
The Night Fairy Hardbound $18.00
The Night Fairy Paperback $8.00