Greek Cooking (Summer Course) Registration

Greek Cooking for Veggie Lovers (added 6/24/20)

Instructor: Jennifer Lee

Date/Hours: July 14 - August 6, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:30 p.m. — participants are encouraged to prep ingredients in the half-hour before each class (Synchronous)

Age: Most suitable for age 10 and up, but open to all. Parental supervision advised for younger cooks, as there will be chopping with knives and stirring of pots on a hot stove.

Tech Needs: A device to access Zoom 

Required Materials: Kitchen essentials. I will use a pressure cooker for a few dishes, but a large pot with a lid is fine – it will just take a bit longer to cook. On Friday afternoons I will share recipes, prepping instructions, and shopping lists for the coming week’s recipes.

Cost: $150

Description: Students will make a different Greek dish each class, moving from simpler to more involved recipes:

Week 1

  1. Fasolakia -- stewed green beans
  2. Spanakorizo – spinach rice

Week 2

  1. Horiatiki salata, tsatsiki, and soublaki – Greek salad, yogurt dip, and gyros (veggie and non-veggie options)
  2. Spanakopita – spinach and cheese pies

Week 3

  1. Gigantes – baked giant beans
  2. Imam baldi – baked eggplant

Week 4

  1. Dolmades – stuffed grape leaves
  2. Yemistá – stuffed tomatoes and peppers

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