Giving to Park


Park’s Annual Fund helps provide every student at Park with the tools and opportunities they need to develop to their full potential as active citizens. Donations to the Annual Fund are necessary to help strengthen Park’s programming, tuition assistance, faculty support, and other essential resources. The Annual Fund is supported by alumni, parents, parents of alumni, grandparents, employees, and other supporters, and is reflected in every aspect of school culture.

Every gift makes a difference!

To learn more about how you can support the Annual Fund, you can email Director of the Annual Fund Laura Malkus at • 410-339-4170.

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Giving at Park

Bruins Society

The Bruins Society is a special program to support Tuition Assistance. The names of the three giving levels are inspired by the lyrics of The Park School Song, and reflect the sense of spirit and devotion of our Bruins Society members. Please consider the Bruins Society in your next annual fund gift.

Vict'ry Fund

Donors have provided at least $30,000

Brown & White Fund

Donors have provided at least $20,000

Strive On Fund

Donors have provided at least $10,000

The Annual Fund is directly supported by the Park community. All donations are welcomed and honored through the giving societies below. To learn more about the history behind society level names, read below.

Old Court Road Society
The Old Court Road campus opened in 1959 and is the home of Park School today. Decades of expansion and new construction have resulted in a unique learning environment with facilities as diverse as the school’s educational opportunities.
Liberty Heights Society
By 1917, Park’s enrollment had grown to 183 students. The new location at 2901 Liberty Heights Avenue offered the opportunity to build a more expansive building, and almost 18 acres of land for nature study and more.
Auchentoroly Terrace Society
Adjacent to Druid Hill Park, Auchentoroly Terrace was the location of The Park School from its founding in 1912 until 1917.
1912 Society
Students of Park’s history cannot help but remark about the courage and leadership it took in 1912 to found a school that would embrace a new philosophy of education, a school that would, as the first Board President Dr. Hans Froelicher said, “offer a superior type of education.”
Phoenix Club Society
In 1912, an invitation was sent to a handful of prominent educators and members of the community to gather at the Phoenix Club in order to discuss the establishment of The Park University School. A few short weeks later, another meeting occurred at the club and $100,000 was raised to fund and found our school.
Eugene Randolph Smith Society
Mr. Smith was the first headmaster of Park School (1912-1922). Among his many accomplishments as a groundbreaking educator, author, scholar, and mathematician, he was the founder and president of the Progressive Education Association.
Margaret Fulton Coe Society
Ms. Coe came to Park in 1917; over her 40-year tenure, she transformed the Lower School. She contributed fundamental curricular constructs, championed the tenets of progressive education, and earned the admiration and affection of students, parents, and colleagues.
Harrison Tompkins Society
Mr. Tom was an iconic Park teacher for nearly five decades, beginning in 1922. He taught academic subjects, trained athletes, and transformed Park’s facilities. Tompkins Field was named in his honor in 1964.
 Centennial Society
Park’s Centennial was a celebration of years of educational innovation and leadership. Centennial Society members carry the spirit forward as we launch our second century.
Moores Branch Society
$100 and under
The stream that runs through Park’s woods, Moores Branch, is a beautiful element of our campus, a place of investigation and learning, and a resource that we all care for and steward.

FAQs About Giving

What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is a yearly fundraising effort that is a necessary component of the school’s operating budget, helping to cover the shortfall between tuition income and the school’s yearly operating expenses.

Where do gifts to the Annual Fund go?

Gifts to the Annual Fund help the school provide any and everything that is part of the operating budget, including, but not limited to, tuition assistance, employee salaries, lab equipment, recycling bins, soccer goals, playground equipment, theater lights, and much more. If it is part of the Park School experience, you can be pretty sure that it is supported by the Annual Fund.

Who gives to the Annual Fund?

Each year parents, alumni, grandparents, parents of alumni, and employees are all asked to support this essential effort. Together, this group has helped Park create a robust Annual Fund that generates well over $1.5 million yearly. The last two years have topped $1.7 million and $1.6 million, respectively.

Do gifts in support of particular school activities, trips, or clubs help the Annual Fund?

While gifts in support of particular clubs, trips, activities, and even endowed funds are greatly appreciated, they do not help the Annual Fund meet its budget-driven goal. Making an unrestricted gift to the Annual Fund or tuition assistance is the only way to help fulfill this important yearly mission.

How does a gift to tuition assistance help?

Since tuition assistance is a major component of the school’s budget, gifts in support of tuition assistance do count in helping Park reach its Annual Fund goal.

What is an appropriate amount to give to the Annual Fund?

This question can only truly be answered by you. We hope that all gifts to the Annual Fund will represent a quality and capacity gift for you personally. Your participation in the Annual Fund campaign is the first priority. In almost all cases, you will be contacted by an Annual Fund volunteer who will suggest a gift amount to you as a guide in making your decision. Ultimately, we hope you make Park School a philanthropic priority in your life.

Why am I asked to increase my gift each year?

The simplest answer is that the school’s operating budget increases each year as a result of many factors, and so the amount the Annual Fund is charged with covering increases as well. The budget expands due to increased charges from vendors supplying necessary goods to the school, and a desire to maintain competitive faculty salaries requires salary increases, which over the past five years have averaged just above two percent.

How can I make a gift to the Annual Fund?

Hopefully an Annual Fund volunteer will be in contact with you to answer this question. If you’d like to make your gift, and you haven’t heard from a volunteer, please feel free to contact the Development Office at 410-339-4142. They are always happy to assist with making a gift. You can make a gift with a check, you may charge your gift to Visa or MC in person, or online at

I still have more questions, who can I talk to about the Annual Fund to get them answered?

Roger Seidenman ’85
Director of Development
Jamie Gordon Altchek ’98 
Director of Stewardship
and Capital Campaign
Sarah Bates
Development Assistant
Anna Danz
Director of Annual Fund
Pailin Gaither
Alumni Director
Michael Klena
Database Associate
Nichole Metzger
Administrative Assistant
Adrienne Peres
Associate Director of Development
Phil Porter ’05
Director of Leadership Gifts
Jayme Gilden Wood ’93 
Director of Special Events and Parent Programs

In addition to making my gift, what else can I do to help support the Annual Fund?

You can contact the Development Office and let them know you’d like to serve as an Annual Fund Volunteer.

You can check to see if your employer has a matching gift program. Your employer may match all charitable gifts that its employees make, so Park would receive an additional gift from your employer.

Volunteer Your Time

In the 2017–18 Annual Fund Campaign, we raised over $1.8 million dollars. We strive to exceed that number this year to meet the increasing needs of our community. Over 100 volunteers from across the Park community help to make this happen, and we’d love to have you join in on this important effort! Email Anna Danz, Director of the Annual Fund, at to find out more.