2020–2021 Theater Season

Out of the Woods: a Mystery Without a Lead

Release date: May 8, 2021. See it here.

This original Park Musical Mockumentary has all the comedy, mystery, and romance you could want. Meet the Queen of Hearts, the Hermit Hatter, and many other crazy characters as the student cast of a production of "9 to 5" searches the woods for their missing lead. You'll fall in love with the original music and songs as well as the characters as they become better people, find love, and figure out their place in the world. This film, shot and edited entirely by Park students, is suitable for middle-school-age and up. 


The Rimers of Eldritch, by Lanford Wilson

Friday, Apr. 16, 5pm

Saturday, Apr. 17, 2pm

Sunday, Apr. 18, 2pm

Performed in the Park woods.

Eldritch, a decaying mid-western mining town, grapples with a murder of its own making in this dramatic and poetic mystery. Rural and closed minded, the townspeople create and carry out their own reality in a play that works backwards through the different puzzle pieces that finally come together to reveal the striking truth. Appropriate for a mature middle school audience and up. Due to limited seating, audience members will be limited to cast families and a few faculty and staff. Thank you for your understanding..

The Heart of Robin Hood, by David Farr

Friday, May 21, 5pm

Saturday, May 22, 2pm

Sunday, May 23, 2pm

Performed in the Park woods.

A heartless Robin Hood who keeps his pilfered spoils for himself and his band? That’s right, and it’s up to a fearless Marion to show Robin how good people actually behave - steal from the rich, but give to the poor - and defeat the evil Prince John who demands to marry her. Though there will be lots of fake sword fighting and fake blood, this play is appropriate for a middle school audience and up. Audience will be limited, masked, and seated distantly, if conditions allow. Tickets will be $10 and available online two-weeks in advance.