Past Exhibitions

All School Show 2021

On view in the Richman Gallery, Davison Lobby, and Library Gallery through May 28, 2021

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Park's annual All School Show features work from all three divisions. 

Images above left to right: Lower School Clay, Upper School Woodworking, US Making About: Now, Middle School.


Senior Shows 2021

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On view in the Richman Gallery, Davison Lobby, and Library Gallery through April 12, 2021

Parrish André, Michaela Chambers, Meg Cirka-Stachura, Janelle Clark, Jessica Coblentz, Selby Eline, Sophie Fuchs, Ry Hermann, Alexander Nguyen, Gisselle Sanchez, Madeline Shatsky Goldseker Berenholtz, Tamia Tabourn, and Axle Zhao


Amos Kennedy Prints






On view in the Davison Lobby through February 26, 2021

Amos Kennedy Jr. is a Detroit-based letterpress printer who creates prints, posters and postcards from handset wood and metal type, oil-based inks, and eco-friendly and affordable chipboard. He speaks directly to his viewers with a variety of proverbs and statements on art, politics, race relations, and social justice. 

Amos is Park School’s 2021 Diana Lee Fox Resident Artist. Amos is scheduled to join us for a virtual residency on March 3, 2021 where he will meet with students from all three divisions. In this unique year we are sharing reproductions of Amos Kennedy’s posters outside along the wooded story walk, so that everyone in the community might see his work. The wooded walk can be entered at the bridge near Kelly Field, at the far side of the main parking lot. There are 20 display panels to view along the path. The original posters are installed in the Davison Lobby, through February 26, 2021.

Image above: Posters by Amos Kennedy

Senior Shows 2020





Extended and on view in the Gallery Spaces through November, 2020

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Molly Bloom, Lexi Bushrod, Addy Claybour, Sonee Goles, Ariel Hong, Seth Hudes, Morgan Johnson, Caitlin Joseph, Katelyn Mann, Alyssa Markov, Dani Orlinsky, Mora Perl, Maia San-Lee, Anton Shtarkman, Julia Strouse, Hailey Smith, Aaron Sterling, and Julia Strouse.

Images above, left to right: Seth Hudes, Ariel Hong, Katelyn Mann, Julia Strouse, Aaron Sterling


All School Show 2020







Ancestors and Influencers

January 24–February 28, 2020
Artists’ Reception: Tuesday, February 18, 3:30–5 p.m.

Park’s Winter exhibition, Ancestors and Influencers, features artists Rachel Bone, Warren King, Sylvie van Helden, and work created by Park School Students. Warren King is Park's 2020 Diana Lee Fox '75 Resident Artist.

Images above provided by the artists, left to right: Rachel Bone, Warren King, Sylvie van Helden


Creative Process

September 26–December 6, 2019

Park’s fall exhibition, Creative Process, examines how we explore, develop, and illuminate ideas. It features the process oriented work of Chris Bathgate, Firaxis Games, Greg Minah, Lynn Tomlinson, and will also feature the work of Park School Students.

Images courtesy of the artists. Clockwise from left: Greg Minah, Lynn Tomlinson, Firaxis Games,
and Chris Bathgate










Nancy Fink: Warp and Weft

May 31–June 6, 2019
Reception: Monday, June 3, 6:30–8 p.m.
Richman Gallery

Warp and Weft features the weaving works of Upper School faculty member Nancy Fink. With this brief retrospective we celebrate Nancy’s retirement, and honor her 35 years as a teacher at Park School.


All School Show: Stuck Together

April 29–May 24, 2019

Richman Gallery, Davison Lobby, Library gallery
Reception: Tuesday, May 21 3:30–5 p.m.







Senior Shows 2019

March 29–April 12, 2019
Artists’ Reception: Thursday, April 11, 3:30–5:50 p.m.

Asher Baraban, Ben Cohn, Anna Connors, Rachael Devecka, Ruby Elbert, Kim Fox, Alex Gogel, Dasha Khristich, Lillian Lowenthal, Jane Pelton, Catherine Reid, Celka Rice, Josh Rice, Selena Sanchez, Lisa Sandson, Branch Seidenman, Karinne Summers, Maeve Thistel, Gabe Wittman, Madeline Wolf

jean shin and tom keifer imagesLeft: Jean Shin, META CLOUD; Right: Tom Kiefer, WALLETS. Images courtesy of the artists.

Worldly Possessions

January 22–March 1, 2019
Richman Gallery, Davison Lobby & Library Gallery

JEAN SHIN, TOM KIEFER & Park School Students








Brought to Light

September 28–December 6, 2018
Richman Gallery, Davison Lobby & Library Gallery

Elizabeth Crisman, Antonio McAfee & Park School Students

Image: Left, E. Crisman; Right: A. McAfee


Black & White


MAY 1–MAY 25, 2018

Richman Gallery, Davison Lobby, Library Gallery

Senior Shows 2018


Richman Gallery, Davison Lobby, Library Gallery



Isabel Berner
Tyrese Duncan-Moore
Ethan Harrison
Jacob Kligman
Kenya Boston
Lydia Eastman
Lizzie Kane
Abby Stubb
Ani Burnet 
Felice Falk
Josie Renkwitz

Robin White
Megan Stombler
Bria Dorsey
Sam Fuss
Kendall Laughton
Noë Wolf
Emily Drachman
Brigitte Grover
Ilana Miller


Creature Comforts

January 19–February 23, 2018
Richman Gallery, Davison Lobby, Library Gallery


Creature Comforts, Park’s Winter 2018 exhibition will feature Baltimore-based furniture artists: 
Will Holman
Sarah Marriage
Rick Rubin
Dan Whitson
Park School Students

The exhibition asks the viewer to consider how our furnishings reflect who we are as individuals, and as members of a family or community. How does design play a role in our daily living, and how does human interaction with our spaces and our furnishings impact how we view the larger world? What do the objects we live with say about us?








Diana Lee Fox '75 Artist in Residence

On Wednesday, November 8, the upper school hosted this year's Diana Lee Fox '75 Artist in Residence. FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture is an art activist collective based in Baltimore, MD. 
Co-founder Hannah Brancato and studio manager, Shanti Flagg spent the day with upper school students where they presented their work at the US assembly, workshopped with students to develop statements of support, and led 25 students in creating their own quilt squares to be included in the Monument Quilt, a public activist art project created by FORCE. 

The completed quilt squares along with the statements of support are now on view in the Richman Gallery through December 8.

This work contains mature content that deals with sexual assault and contains graphic language. Please be advised that the work is appropriate for mature middle school students 
and older.




After Effects


Richman Gallery, Davison Lobby, Library Gallery

Reception: Thursday, October 5 from 3:30–4:30 p.m.

After Effects includes the work of artists Amanda BurnhamWendel Patrick, and Tom Rice and features the work of Park School students.

This exhibition considers the impact of our decisions on those around us. Whether making personal choices or regarding decisions made by our leaders, these works explore the implications of our decisions and their impact on the society at large.

Images left to right: Portrait of Bernie Sanders by Amanda Burnham, Image from the Baltimore Uprising by Wendel Patrick, Rivers and Lakes by Tom Rice. 


All School Show

Richman Gallery • Davison Lobby • Library Gallery

Park's Annual Exhibition featuring work from all three divisions

May 1–26, 2017

RECEPTION: Monday, May 15 3:30 pm–4:30 pm



SENIOR SHOWS                                                                         

April 3–14, 2017

Reception: Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Richman Gallery, Davison Lobby, Library Gallery

Grace Bellew-Connor • Hannah Bloom • Jayme Brodie • Jailyn Clark • Bridget Curley • Stephanie Davidson• Nick Forward• Jennie Jacobs • Nate Johnson • Henry Kouwenhoven • Daniel Neiman • Lincoln Pickering • Eliana Sakin • Noah Sopher • Olivia Sun • Luka Trent • Becca Weinstock

Image Created by: Jayme Brodie










 Images: Left: Kareem Samuels, City of Truth; Center: Margie Smeller, LIfe Size Self-Portrait; Right: Alex Albert, Arcade

Connecting Community: A Collaboration with Make Studio 

January 17–March 2, 2017

Richman Gallery, Davison Lobby, Library Gallery

Park School's winter exhibition, Connecting Community: A Collaboration with Make Studio, presents the artists of Make Studio, a Baltimore-based community organization that offers arts programming and studio space to individuals with disabilities. Make Studio works to create more inclusive communities for all and is celebrating its seventh anniversary in 2017.In the spirit of community-based art-making the winter exhibition includes an installation of work by Park's Gallery Committee members and the Middle School painting class created in collaboration with the artists of Make Studio. The exhibition also features artwork created by Park's fourth-grade class and inspired by community artist Walter Kresnik. 




Feeling Finds Thought

Lawrence Cromwell, Gray Lyons, Charlotte Potter


September 16, 2016–November 23, 2016


Reception, Thursday, October 6 from 3:30–5:00 p.m.

The fall exhibition, Feeling Finds Thought, includes work that suggests its creation as a response to feelings and emotions. It features work created by Park School Students, and artists Lawrence Cromwell, Gray Lyons, and Charlotte Potter, Park School's 2017 Diana Lee Fox Resident Artist.

Charlotte Potter will complete her residency October 5–6, 2016,

when she will present an interactive glass-blowing performance titled: Bottled Emotions. Students will be invited to participate and the resulting glass objects and documentation of the performance will be on display in the Richman Gallery. Charlotte will also exhibit her new work honoring the life of Freddie Gray, from her series Lenticular America.

In the Library Gallery, the exhibit Doodles: Mere Wanderings? features the work of Park School students. Dave Tracey, Park's MS and US Counselor, has collected the doodles of his students over the past 10 years. The exhibition hopes to enlighten the viewer, suggesting that doodles are much more than a mindless distraction. 

All School Show 2015–2016

May 2–24, 2016

Senior Shows

April 4–14, 2016

Aerin Abrams, Clare Chalkey, Nick Imhoff, Ruby Miller, Thomas Mountain, Mikayla Sarubin, Nikita Shtarkman, Wenrui Zhang, Gillian Branam, Kelsey Curtis, Sadie Macdonald, Helen Moos, Graham Rubin, Sydeney Sellinger, Leah Smith

Vantage Point

Hasan Elahi, Matt Moore and Olivia Robinson

Featuring Art by Park School Students

December 14, 2015–February 26, 2016

Richman Gallery, Davison Lobby, Library Gallery

The winter exhibition, Vantage Point, includes work created in response to situations artists encounter in the world around them. It features work created by Park School Students, as well as the 2016 Diana Lee Fox Upper School Resident Artist, Hasan Elahi, installation artist Olivia Robinson, and photographer Matt Moore. The art explores the consequences of our actions and the impact humans have on their environment. It examines the social repercussions of political decisions, and considers who has control over our personal narrative in a digital age.

 Garry Cerrone: Art with a Grin Install view








Garry Cerrone:
Art with a Grin, A Retrospective

September 15–November 20, 2015


Garry Cerrone dedicated 41 years to teaching at The Park School. This retrospective exhibition spans Garry’s storied career. Garry’s work holds craft in high esteem while allowing his sense of humor to shine through. We honor Garry and his dedication to Park with this exhibit.



Faculty Show 2015 install view








Faculty and Staff Exhibition

September 15–November 20, 2015
Davison Lobby and Library Gallery

Artists Include: Zella Adams, Di Bobrow, Becky Bloom, Bruce Bryant, Susan Brown, Nancy Fink, Tina Forbush, Ann Haney, Pete Hilsee, Nancye Hesaltine, Ellen Hoitsma, Ryhs Joseph, Bonnie Kotula, Rosie Max, Janna Rice, Amy Selmanoff, Carolyn Sutton, Christine Tillman, John Trout, Pelle Wertheimer, Joshua Wolf


Senior Shows 2015

April–May, 2015

All School Show: Bikes!

May 1-May 22, 2015

Drawing by Bernie Wiland Facilities, 36 years

at Home Exhibition

at Home

January 20–March 6, 2015

Exploring themes of home and community, this exhibition features art by Park School students, and Jim Doran, Marian April Glebes, Kay Healy, Jenee Mateer, Michele Montalbano, Michael Owen, and architectural design by Cho Benn Holback + Associates.




In the Flesh Instaal View










In the Flesh: Physical Anatomy
and the Human Form

September 10–December 12, 2014

Artists Paul Nudd, Camila Carlow, Eliza Vlasova, Giselle Vitali, and medical illustration from the Art as Applied to Medicine Graduate Program at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. This exhibition also features the drawings of Park’s own Anatomy teacher, Dan Lopez, and includes the work of Park students.



Terry Lansburgh A Photographic Retrospective October 24–December 12, 2014

Terry Lansburgh: A Photographic Retrospective

October 24–December 12, 2014

Terry Lansburgh, our much-loved photography and digital imaging teacher, recently retired from the Park faculty after fourteen years. Terry is a Park alumnus (’66), served on the board, and was a Park parent. With gratitude for his dedication to Park, we honor Terry with a retrospective of his photographic work.


In Each Other’s Shoes

September 1–December 10

Loring Cornish and Park School 4th graders and 7th graders

Exploring the shared Jewish and African-American experiences of pain and pride in their lived experiences. Fourth graders made sculptures of Civil Rights leaders out of their old shoes and 7th graders built monuments to honor people and issues that matter.

Language +

January 20–March 15

Julia Kim Smith, Elizabeth Pelton, and Park School 2nd graders and 7th graders, Upper School Beatz and Design students

Senior Show

March 20–April 20

All School Show

April 25–June 1



Sept 15–December 15

Jerome Acks, Seth Adelsberger, Farley Aguilar, Kim Anderson, Sonya Blesofsky, John Bohl, Clayton Chandler, April Deacon, Alex Ebstein, Howard Fonda, Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, Michelle Herman, Justin Kelly, Sarah Knobel, Sabastian Martorana, Jenny Mullins, Mark Mulroney, Jessica Noel, Manny Prieres, Steven Riddle, Ben White, Agustina Woodgate, Bettina Yunhe

Creative Paths: A look at some of Park School’s innovative alumni

January 15–March 15

Sheppie Glass Abramowitz ’53, Charles Adler Jr ’17, Micah Altman ’85, Animal Collective ’96 and ’97, Robert Austrian ’34, Martha Clark ’62, Danielle DeCongé ’06, Cushing Niles Dolbeare ’44, John Feinblatt ’69, Brendan Fowler ’97, Ryan Frankel ’02, Adam Gidwits ’00, Alan E Guttmacher ’67, Alan F Guttmacher ’15, Manfred Guttmacher ’15, Walt Handelsman ’75, Wayne Hankin ’74, Alex Harding ’04, Matt Porterfield ’95, Alexander Skutch ’21, Walter Sondheim Jr ’25, Alix Spiegel ’89, Josh Tyrangiel ’90, Marisa Weiss ’76, Edward Witten ’68, Greg White ’81, Aparna Wilder ’98, Yeasayer ‘00 

Senior Show

March 20–April 20

All School Show

April 25–June 1


Taking a Closer Look: a small take on larger than life ideas

September 15–December 15

Rochelle Abramowitz, Corrine May Botz, Danielle DeCongé, Chandi Kelley, Zepher Potrafka, Leslie Mutchler


January 15–March 15

Derek Arnold, Jordan Bernier, Erin Fostel, Bonnie Crawford Kotula
Curated by Park Upper School students

Senior Show

March 20–April 20

All School Show

April 25–June 1



September 16–October 26, 2010

Exploring the intersection of Athletics and Art, featuring US resident artist Hank Willis Thomas

Figurative to Fundamental: Park’s Collection of pre–Columbian Ceramics with a Select Group of Contemporary Ceramicists

November 18, 2010–January 31, 2011

Doug Baldwin, Brad Blair, Ken Hankins, Rich Holt, Amy Selmanoff, Tim Sherman, Dina Snead, and Shin–Yeon Jeon

Women of the Book: Jewish Artists Jewish Themes

February 24–April 14, 2011

Elena Mary Siff, Lila Wahrhaftig, Beverly Naidus, Ita Aber, Johanna Drucker, Stephanie Brody–Lederman, Barbara Milman, Io Palmer, Carol Hamoy, Evelyn Eller, Carrie Ungerman, Judy Hoffman, Jo–Ann Brody, Eva–Lynn Diesenhaus, Beth Grossman, Karen Klein, Karen Shaw, Sophia Rosenberg, Robbin Ami Silverberg, Miriam Schaer, Joyce Abrams, Gloria Helfgott, Pnina Gagnon, Linda Rubinstein, Terry Braunstein, Miriam Beerman, Elaine Langerman, Gail Rebhan, Marilyn R. Rosenberg, Paula Levine, Beth Bachenheimer, Sandra Jackman, Ruth Ginsberg–Place, Ruth Wallen, Robyn Sassen, Melinda Smith Altshuler, Laurel Paley, Diane Fine, Lynne Avadenka, Claire Jeanine Satin, Vered Galor, Barbara Drucker, Sonya Rapoport, Susan Bee, cj grossman, Judith Margolis

Senior Shows


All School Show

April 28–May 24, 2011


Orders of magnitude: large photo prints from the Hubble telescope

September 17–November 9, 2009

Faculty/Staff show

September 17–November 9, 2009

Habitat: A Dozen in a Decade

September 17–November 9, 2009

China Illuminated Photography from China 1934–2008

November 19, 2009 –January 21, 2010

Wang Shilong, Weng Naiqiang, Liu Lijie, Liu Ren, Lu Nan, Qui Zhhijie, RongRong, Wu Gaozhong, Wu Jilian, Yao Lu, Zeng Han, Zhuang Xueben, Sha Fei , also faculty and students in the Library Gallery

The Earth is Flat and other Truths

February 11–March 31, 2010

Ken Hale, Chris Jordan, Jessie Lehson, Ellen Lupton & Abbott Miller, Jackson Martin, Lawrence McFarland, Paul Rutkovsky, Rachel Sitkin, Shannon Young

Senior Shows

February – April

All School Show

April 15–May 21, 2010


Don’t Tread on Me: Art with a Political Agenda Sue Coe

September 18–November 10, 2008

Sue Coe, Erica Roghenberg, Daniel Heyman, Randall Packer, Kembrew McLeod, Joan Linder, Carlos Cortez, Mike Estabrook, Werner Horvath, Mark Cooley, Robbie Conal, Julia Kim Smith

Drawn to Park + Cornel Rubino’s Mondo Botanico

November 20, 2008–January 15, 2009

Cornel Rubino and EVERY grade of Park Students

If I Didn’t Care: Multigenerational Artists Discuss Cultural Histories’ Saya Woolfalk

January 30–March 3, 2009

Laylah Ali, Patssi Valdez, Tamasha Williamson, Paula Wilson, Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson, Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum, Faith Ringgold, Soumiya Krishnaswamy, Deborah Roberts, Emma Amos, Migiwa Orimo, Karen Powell, Isabel Manalo, Margaret Burroughs, Keiko Ishii Eckhardt, Regina Vater, Howardena Pinidell, Athena LaTocha, Negar Ahkami, Joyce Scott, Swati Khurana, Kate Bae, Wanda Ewing, Saya Woolfalk, Debra Edgerton, Nina Buxenbaum, Flo Oy Wong, Elizabeth Axtman, Siona Benjamin

Senior Shows

February 2 – April 15, 2009

All School Show

April 16 – June 1, 2009


Alumni Architects Exhibition

September 24–November 9, 2007

Lee Coplan ’69, Carol Macht ’69, Jeremy Moser ’75, Jonathan Caplan ’81, Rebecca Waranch Rothman ’93, Nina Valenziano ‘98

>1 [Greater than one}

Novembr 15, 2008 – January 15, 2008

George Blakely, Lillian Bayley, Eva Wylie, Sam Oshinsky ‘08, and Park Lower School Students

Cardinal Points: The relationship between art + Maps Dawn Gavin

February 1 – April 15, 2008

Mark Lombardi, Julie Jankowski, Lordy Rodriguez, Aram Bartholl, Renee VanDer Selt, Lily Cox–Richard, Karey Kessler, Dawn Gavin, Josh Dorman ‘84

Senior Shows

February 15–April 25

All School Show

May 3–June 1, 2007


Light and Day

August 22–November 11, 2006

Karen Gunderson and Laura Shults 

Real City, Dream City

December 7, 2006–February 9, 2007

Baltimore City youth photography, Park School Students


February 22–April 13, 2007

Children's drawings from Sri Lanka following the Tsunami

Sound installation

Senior Shows

February 15–April 25

All School Show 

May 3–June 1, 2007


We Age

September 12–November 18

Allyn Massey, Park School Faculty and Staff, and their close family members, Baltimore County senior citizens


December 5–February 3

Liz Ensz, Helaman Ferguson, KristinHolder, Dore Levy, Sara McCormick, Chris Palmer, Jack Tworkov, Park School students, Algebra Project students

What Objects Want

February 21–April 7, 2006

Kate Bingaman, Zoe Charlton, Peggy Diggs, Claudia McDonough, Tom Nowakowski, Nancy Patz, Youthlight, & Park students

Senior Shows

February 15 – April 25

All School Show

April 15–June 1, 2006


Photo Stories

September 21–November 18, 2004

Linda Day Clark, Park School faculty & students

Family Sublime

December 9–January 28, 2005

Doug Hoagg, Jiha Moon, Ed Nadeau, Park School Students

Social Realisms

February 14–April 22

Walton Ford, Tonya Ingersol, Tony Shore, Cynthia Consentino, Hirotsune Tashima, and Park School students

Senior Shows

February 15 – April 25

All School Show

April 15–June 1, 2006


Breaking New Ground

October 10–November 11, 2003

Laura Burns, Richard Cleaver, Jo Smail, Allyn Massey, Sonya Clark, Diane Kuthy, Connie Imboden

Art Auction

November 17–November 22, 2003

Reading Pictures, Looking at Words

December 11–February 1, 2004

Marc Hempel, John Ebersberger, Peter Bagge, Peter Kuper, Mike Lane, Kevin Kallaugher, Mark Wheatley, Ben Katchor, Carol Lay, Rick Detorie, Rachel Masilamani, Bob Kathman, Bill Griffith, John Malloy, Kevin Kaliher, and Art Spiegelman, Park School Students

Arts Immersion Week Student Show

February 16–February 28, 2004

Sugar & Snails

March 8–April 16, 2004

John Coplans, Nikki S. Lee, Catherine Opie, Matthew McConville, Samantha Salzinger, Albert Schweitzer, Cindy Sherman, Park School students

Alumni Show

September 9–December 17, 2004

Nils Folke Anderson’89, Karen Bricken’89, Tom Broening’86, Jon Cardin’88, Bennett Morais Cummings ’86, Josh Dorman ’84, Emily Ginsburg ’82, Emily Goldstein ’80, George Harwood’82, Suzanne Hecker ’83, Gillian Wood Meigs ’81

All School Show

April 26–May 28, 2004


Made By Hand

Park Faculty & Staff

Very Young Art

December 9–January 24, 2003

Sonia Denise Tassin, Park Kindergarten students

Arts Immersion Week Student Show


February 10–April 4, 2003

Hermine Ford, Park School students

90th Anniversary Show/Bundles of Perception

October 28–November 15, 2002

Archival Material/Ann Naito Haney

Clay Play

Artists from Baltimore Clayworks, Selections from Park’s Pre–Columbian collection, Student work

All School Show

April 15–June 1


Morning Exercises

Park Faculty & Staff

Seeking Sense

November 15–January 18, 2002

Jonathan Barnes, Ron Levitan, Sonya Clark’s “Beaded Prayer Project”, Park faculty and students, MICA students

Arts Immersion Week Student Show

Body Maps

February 25–April 5, 2002

Lilla LoCurto, Bill Outcault, and Park students

Shoe Fair & All School Show

April 15–June 1


About Drawing

August 30 – November 2, 2000

Seong–Min Ahn, Susan Weingast Brown, Peter Bruun, Nina Buxenbaum, Garry Cerrone, Nivedita Desepande, JennyDing, Ann Naito Haney, Nancye Hesaltine, Tobin Hines, Michael Krumenacker, Chris Lonegan, Bill Mack, Nami Yamamoto


Park Parents & Faculty

Re-addressing Fiber

November 13, 2000–January 11, 2001

Annet Couwenberg, Park lower school students

Talking Pictures

February 21– April 19, 2001

Ken Aptekar and Park middle school students

Racing with a Past

April 30–June 8, 2001

Palmer Hayden (1890–1973), Michael Ray Charles, and Park US students