2020–2021 Exhibitions

2020–2021 Exhibitions


All School Show 2021

On view in the Richman Gallery, Davison Lobby, and Library Gallery through May 28, 2021

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Park's annual All School Show features work from all three divisions. 

Images above left to right: Lower School Clay, Upper School Woodworking, US Making About: Now, Middle School.


Senior Shows 2021

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On view in the Richman Gallery, Davison Lobby, and Library Gallery through April 12, 2021

Parrish André, Michaela Chambers, Meg Cirka-Stachura, Janelle Clark, Jessica Coblentz, Selby Eline, Sophie Fuchs, Ry Hermann, Alexander Nguyen, Gisselle Sanchez, Madeline Shatsky Goldseker Berenholtz, Tamia Tabourn, and Axle Zhao

Images above left to right: Jessica Coblentz, Tamia Tabourn, Sophie Fuchs, Selby Eline, and Alexander Nguyen


Amos Kennedy Prints






On view in the Davison Lobby through February 26, 2021

Amos Kennedy Jr. is a Detroit-based letterpress printer who creates prints, posters and postcards from handset wood and metal type, oil-based inks, and eco-friendly and affordable chipboard. He speaks directly to his viewers with a variety of proverbs and statements on art, politics, race relations, and social justice. 

Amos is Park School’s 2021 Diana Lee Fox Resident Artist. Amos is scheduled to join us for a virtual residency on March 3, 2021 where he will meet with students from all three divisions. In this unique year we are sharing reproductions of Amos Kennedy’s posters outside along the wooded story walk, so that everyone in the community might see his work. The wooded walk can be entered at the bridge near Kelly Field, at the far side of the main parking lot. There are 20 display panels to view along the path. The original posters are installed in the Davison Lobby, through February 26, 2021.

Image above: Posters by Amos Kennedy

Senior Shows 2020





Extended and on view in the Gallery Spaces through November, 2020

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Molly Bloom, Lexi Bushrod, Addy Claybour, Sonee Goles, Ariel Hong, Seth Hudes, Morgan Johnson, Caitlin Joseph, Katelyn Mann, Alyssa Markov, Dani Orlinsky, Mora Perl, Maia San-Lee, Anton Shtarkman, Julia Strouse, Hailey Smith, Aaron Sterling, and Julia Strouse.

Images above, left to right: Seth Hudes, Ariel Hong, Katelyn Mann, Julia Strouse, Aaron Sterling