On Campus Reunion Celebrations: 9’s & 4’s

On Campus Reunion Celebrations: 9’s & 4’s

Welcome! This year we are continuing our tradition of hosting reunions on campus and we will be welcoming classes ending in ‘9’ and ‘4’ back to Old Court Road. Come back to Park, for the 1st time or the 50th, to join your classmates for a night of celebration. We’re planning a special night for you! Read on for the details...

Reunion Details:

~ Start your evening at 6 p.m. at The Toast to the Brown & White, a cocktail reception for ALL Park Alums in the Davison Lobby and Wyman Arts Courtyard.

~ At 7:30 p.m., reunion classes will move on to their own parties; each class will have its own space for celebrating and catching up. 

~ Dinner and drinks will be on offer; our caterer is The Classic Catering Company. There will be a full dinner buffet and a full bar with a bartender to keep your glass topped up.

~ Yearbooks will be handy for reminiscing, and our reunion photographer will come by to snap the class reunion picture.  

~ There is no charge for your reunion or any of our Alumni Weekend events this year. The weekend is Park’s gift to our Alumni community. You help us thrive year in and year out!

To register for your reunion and Alumni Weekend events, click here: