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Connections to the Natural World 

Natural connections have always been a part of Park School life. Our original location adjacent to Druid Hill Park ensured access to open spaces to play, explore, and investigate. The move to Liberty Heights provided 18 acres of land for nature study, classrooms opening directly to the outdoors, and an open courtyard for classes, gardening, and play. And on Old Court Road, the 100 acres, the pond, the stream, and the woods we know today — an “auspicious environment” in the words of Lower School Head Margaret Coe, 1959 — inspire connections between people and the natural world on a daily basis. The resulting inquiries, observations, and deep investigations provide for an engaging life as a student — and often set forth a path full of natural connections as our alumni pursue further academic achievement, develop professional pursuits, and continue the process of choosing for themselves from the wide range of possibilities life offers.

In the forthcoming issue of Park’s Cross Currents magazine (fall 2018), we’d love to share how our alumni are engaged in activities connected to or inspired by the natural world — research, exploration, writing, education, policy, art, business, and more. Please send your Alumni Notes to us for possible inclusion in the upcoming Cross Currents magazine and/or our online notes. 

Due to space limitations, please keep alumni notes to 150 words, maximum.

Also wanted: personal and family milestones. We welcome your baby and wedding photos. Please submit high resolution images.

Deadline: July 9, 2018

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