Books for Sale by George O’Connor

Books for Sale by George O’Connor

On Tuesday, April 17, graphic novelist George O’Connor will be joining us as our Gordon Berman ’68 Memorial Lower School Resident Author.

Mr. O’Connor’s graphic novel series, THE OLYMPIANS, is wildly popular in the Lower School.  Each volume stars a different Olympian god or goddess. Since many of the Gods show a special interest in their pet heroes, the stories of Perseus, Hercules, Theseus and Odysseus — to name only a few — are woven into the narratives. 

It is not necessary to read the OLYMPIANS in order. Children may wish to start with their favorite god or goddess and go on from there. Each volume of the series is based on primary sources:  Homer, Hesiod, Callimachus, Apollodorus, and Ovid. The footnotes at the end of each book are not only informative, but funny: don’t miss them.

Mr. O'Connor is also the author of delightful books for younger children. In addition to the Olympians series, we will be selling KERSPLASH, IF I HAD A RAPTOR and IF I HAD A TRICERATOPS. 

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