Special Programs and Activities

Special programs and co-curricular activities at Park complement the academic program by encouraging leadership and personal growth through practical experience. Independent studies, Senior Projects, and foreign exchange programs provide invaluable experiences off campus, while interscholastic athletics and student activities enrich life at Park.

Upper School students lead assembly discussions, attend leadership conferences, chaperone field trips for younger students, and engage in community service opportunities. Other aspects of student life include student government, the school newspaper, theater and musical productions, and foreign exchange programs. 

The varied co-curricular offerings at Park include scientific research groups, volunteer service organizations, musical clubs, as well as Model UN, debate, and Mock Trial teams. Below is a sampling of student groups from the past few years.

Academic Clubs

  • Beekeeping
  • Chamber Music Ensemble
  • Ceramics Club
  • Circus Club
  • Civil Rights Trip
  • Cooking Club
  • Comedy Club
  • Debate
  • Eye to Eye Club
  • Film Club
  • Filmmaking/Media Club
  • Free Speech Forum
  • Gallery Committee
  • Hiking Club
  • International Student-Led Arctic Monitoring and Research (ISAMR)
  • Lingua
  • Medical Science Club
  • Mock Trial
  • Model UN
  • Outdoor Club
  • Park Arts
  • Park Podcast Club
  • Politics Club
  • Problem Solvers (Math Club)
  • Programming Club
  • Robotics
  • Rubik's Cube Club
  • Ski and Snowboarding Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Stage Combat
  • Student Government
  • Tech Crew
  • Ted-Ed
  • Unusual Movie Club

Cultural Organizations

  • Asian Culture
  • Black Female Forum
  • Black Male Forum
  • Gay-Straight Alliance
  • Israeli Culture Club 
  • Latino Hispanic Coalition
  • Rainbow Alliance
  • Young Republicans

Publications/Media Activities

  • Brownie (Yearbook)
  • Clio (Historical Journal) 
  • Literary Magazine
  • Ojalá  (Spanish Language Magazine)
  • Park School's Week in Review
  • Park Sports Network
  • Postscript (School Newspaper)
  • Reporters Club

Service Oriented Groups

  • ADAPT (formerly P.A.C.E.D.- Park's Awareness Club for Education on Disabilities)Amnesty and International Aid
  • Admissions (Upper School Student Ambassadors)
  • Annual FundClub
  • Blood Drive
  • Bruin Athletic Council
  • Computers for Kids
  • Mentors
  • Michael Cardin Writing Tutors
  • Neighborhood Revitalization Club
  • Park Service Club
  • Partners at Park
  • (PAL)Park and the League for People with Disabilities
  • POWER (Parks Organization for Women’s Empowerment and Rights
  • Student Senate
  • Student/Faculty Forum 
  • TLC
  • Tutoring at KIPP
  • UNICEF Global Leadership Club
  • World Soccer Project