Health Education

Wellness 9

Grade 9 - Required

All ninth graders participate in a series of health and wellness related seminars that occur on Mondays throughout the year. Seminars are designed to engage students in a wide range of health and wellness topics that affect the lives of adolescents including, but not limited to: depression awareness, physical movement and yoga, CPR, study skills, substance use, body image, and more.

Human Sexuality Seminar

Grades 10-11 - Required

This program addresses the central issues of becoming a sexually healthy adult. Topics include gender and sexual diversity, intimacy, sexual behavior, relationship dynamics, pregnancy/STD/ HIV and sexual assault prevention, community health resources, sexual values and decision making, communication with peers and parents, and contemporary issues in the fields of sexual and reproductive health. Students should enroll sometime during the latter half of the sophomore year or at any time during the junior year.

Note: Additional wellness programming is offered for students in grades 10-12 during class meeting time. A sampling of programs offered include substance use prevention, mental health awareness, partner violence prevention, and testicular and breast cancer prevention education.