Grade Level Field Trips

Grade Level Field Trips

While students enjoy standard field trips related to their classes throughout the year, each grade also organizes overnight trips which provide opportunities for focused group interaction and exposure to sights and events farther away than the Baltimore metropolitan area.

Sixth Grade Fall Teambuilding Trip

Early in the fall, the sixth grade class camps at Patapsco State Park McKeldin area to bond, cook, and eat together as a community. The following day, students travel to Outward Bound at Leakin Park for community and teamwork building activities.

Sixth Grade Spring Ecology Trip

In May, the sixth grade camps at Sandy Point State Park for two nights and spends each day visiting the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center and Annapolis Maritime Museum to perform ecological studies linked to the Chesapeake Watershed and bay health. The trip is an extension of sixth grade science and the grade theme of community. Cooperation, academics, and maintaining community within the sixth grade are central to the trip and reinforced through cooperative cooking, team building games, and community reflection. The sixth grade is accompanied by a trained team of eighth grade peer leaders and committed faculty.

Seventh Grade Fall Museum Trip

In October, the seventh grade camps at Greenbelt State Park for one night to bond, cook, and eat together as a community. Each day, students choose to visit one of several museums to explore primary sources of America’s national identity. Locations include the National African American Museum of History and Culture, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Newseum, National Gallery of Art, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, and others.

Seventh Grade Spring Civil War Trip

In the spring, the seventh grade travels to Washington County, staying near historic Harpers Ferry. Students camp, cook, and practice civic service while living together and engaging in place-based learning activities designed around, and integrated with, their seventh grade curricula in social studies, language arts, and science. Additionally, they hike Maryland Heights, navigating by map, analyzing military strategy, and exploring the geography of lands upon which the American Civil War unfolded.

Eighth Grade Fall Emotional Intelligence Retreat

In the fall, the eighth grade retreats on a two-day immersion into the understanding of the fundamental tenets of emotional intelligence. Through structured workshops involving mini-lectures, film clips, and interactive exercises, students engage with each other to promote self-awareness and constructive interpersonal relationships. The event involves a combination of individual work as well as small and large group activities that will strengthen students’ connections with classmates and enrich their affective skills.

Eighth Grade Spring End-of-Year Retreat

In June, the eighth grade travels to Patapsco State Park for a conscious reflection on the journey through Middle School in both fun and thoughtful ways. Activities include journaling, performing tableaus that transform into skits, reprising cherished school songs, and a hike. As on other trips, students eat, camp, and live together in their grade level community.