Upper School History Position (Part-time)

At the Park School we take progressive education seriously. We seek, above all, teachers who are dedicated to and truly enjoy working with teenagers in the classroom and in a variety of other settings. The accompanying statement of purpose describes the particular philosophy of the History Department.

Candidates should:

  • be comfortable with the assumptions and goals of the school’s philosophy and the History Department Statement of Purpose, and be able to translate these notions into active and stimulating lessons with students.
  • have a broad and deep background in the study of history, including a Bachelor’s degree in history or a closely related field, and preferably a Master’s degree as well.
  • have some experience teaching history in a classroom setting, preferably to students at the high school level.

Candidates for this position should be capable of and interested in teaching two sections of either the ninth grade or the tenth grade course. Three courses, ninth grade: U.S. History to 1919; tenth grade: World History to 1919; and eleventh grade: Twentieth Century World History, make up the required three-year core of our curriculum. Candidates from diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

Statement of Purpose — History Department

The Park School History Department considers the ultimate goal of historical study at the secondary level to be the formation of those attitudes and skills which will enable students to analyze intelligently the world around them so that they can be constructively participating members of a free society predicated on the rule of law. In light of the high degree of continuity evident in the patterns of human behavior through the ages, an understanding of humanity’s major problems and approaches to their solution in the past provides a comparative basis from which to evaluate the nature of current issues and predict courses of action for the future. Unit organization around historical problems, with continuous cross reference to contemporary matters of importance, places the specific interests of the present generation in the forefront.

We believe that a good history teacher is by definition a teacher of political science, economics, sociology, geography, and elementary anthropology within a historical context and that we therefore have an obligation to develop in ourselves in each of these areas at least a basic grounding which can be incorporated into our courses. Through elective and activity offerings the social sciences are also developed more thoroughly by individual department members.

Essential to a thorough understanding of the lessons of history is the development of basic, and gradually more sophisticated, research skills. At each level we attempt through a variety of reading and writing assignments to stimulate self-reliance in problem solving through effective utilization of library materials. In more advanced courses, assignments emphasize discriminating analysis of both primary sources and conflicting secondary interpretations. We hope to graduate young people who will recognize the nonobjective nature of the information with which the media bombard them and will therefore take the time to seek out and compare alternative contentions in arriving logically at a personal position concerning key issues of their world.

Salary and Benefits

Park salaries and benefits are highly competitive with those in other leading independent schools. For new appointments, salaries reflect experience and training equated to Park’s scales.

In addition to normal retirement and health benefits, the school offers the following distinctive program:

Faculty & Curricular Advancement (FACA) Program

This program supports summer professional development work by faculty on a distinctive scale. Established in 1989, FACA is supported by a $5.9 million endowment; currently, over 40% of all Park faculty participate annually. Grants cover full salary and benefits for group or individual projects selected through a formal review process. Most grants are for four weeks; some are for shorter periods.

Application Process

Send letter of interest, personal statement, résumé, and list of references.

Contact Person:
Priscilla Morales
Associate Head of School
The Park School of Baltimore
2425 Old Court Road
Baltimore, MD 21208
Telephone: (410) 339-4159
Fax: (410) 339-4125

The Park School does not discriminate against employees or applicants for employment on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, ancestry, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or any physical or mental disability unrelated to a reasonable performance of an employee’s duties.