The Park School Centennial

100 Years. Thousands of students. 
Hundreds of teachers. Countless memories.

During the 2012-2013 school year, the Park Community celebrated a century of educational innovation and leadership. With highlights too numerous to mention, the events of Park’s Centennial Weekend — and this whole centennial year — were a joyful celebration of history, ideas, teaching, learning, relationships, and generosity.

From Brown & White Day in September to Brown & White Night this June, the essence of Park School expressed itself in wonderful and important ways.

Recently Posted Park Stories

We began rehearsing Jack Ramey's original opera while the pages were still wet with ink and scratch marks. The music was wildly atonal for that time and I was asked to accompany on the piano what looked like an impossible score. When Jack asked me to stand up and pluck the strings inside the piano, I said, "You want me to do what??" Ironically as an accompanist and interpreter of traditional and contemporary music, this may have been some of the best and earliest musical training for what I now do. Thank you Jack Ramey!

Diane Katzenberg Braun Alumna/us

I was given the freedom and responsibility to become a student and teacher simultaneously. To have an institution empower a student to learn the things that he or she sees fit is a massive responsibility, and is one that most Park students take with great care, and perhaps even take for granted. There is no doubt that I would not be who I am today without Park School. I am still inspired by those who showed me the way, and allowed me to be the best student I could be. To attack problems from unorthodox approaches, to write and rewrite, and rewrite over and over until my ideas were coherent. I had the distinct privilege of being both an alumnus and a member of the faculty, and I only hope that I instilled in my students the same love of learning, love for the world, and the courage to go out and change that world if there's something there that isn't working. To challenge existing thoughts and create new models of thinking. I cannot think of a better place for young learners to be than Park School.

David Golaner '96 Alumna/us

Park has always been a place that helped students find their passions. I didn't know that mine was science until 10th grade biology with George Dalshiemer. Mr. Dalshiemer encouraged me, engaged my competitive streak, and saw in me things that I didn't know were there. Six years later he offered me a job teaching science in the Lower School, where I learned the hands-on, investigative teaching methods that Park excels at. Fast forward 20 years; graduate school, several interesting jobs and then an opportunity to teach biology at a small, liberal arts college (Beloit). My Park School experiences- as student and as teacher informed my teaching and my work in curriculum development and leadership at the college level. So much of what I do every day builds upon the lessons from Park- be bold, look for connections and follow your dreams.

Marion Fass (Field) Alumna/us