A Look Back

Writings By and About Administrators and Faculty Provide Insight to Park's History

The Park School of BaltimoreThe First Seventy-Five Years 

By Jean Thompson Sharpless


Founding The Park School: The Story In Brief
The History Of Park School's Educational Philosophy
The Smith Years 1912- 1922
Margaret Fulton Coe Establishes Primary School Philosophy
The Leydon Years 1922-1925
The Sipple Years 1925- 1932
The Froelicher Years 1932- 1956
The Thomason Years 1956-1967
The Callanan Years 1967- 1975
The Sharpless Years 1976-

Editor's Note:
This second edition of The Park School of Baltimore: The First Seventy-Five Years, originally published as Cross Currents, 75th Anniversary Edition, in June 1988, is identical to the original with minor additions and revisions.

Eugene Randolph Smith with Tennis Team
Eugene Randolph Smith with Tennis Team, 1913–1914

Scales for the Study of Children's Characteristics
by Eugene Randolph Smith

In the September 1919 issue of The Mathematics Teacher, Park’s first Headmaster, Eugene Randolph Smith, writes about the importance of student assessment.


Hans Froelicher, Sr. c. 1925
Hans Froelicher Sr., c1925

Park School Beginnings in Baltimore: One Man’s Story
by Hans Froelicher Sr.

In 1925, Stanwood Cobb, head of the Progressive Education Association, asked Hans Froelicher Sr., Park founder and Board President from 1912-1928, to write the story of the school’s founding. In 1995, that document, "Park School Beginnings in Baltimore: One Man’s Story," was published in Maryland Historical Magazine, a publication of the Maryland Historical Society.


Harrison Tompkins with Students in Shop 1945
Harrison Tompkins with Students in Shop, 1945

A Close-Up Look at the Many Faceted "Mr. Tom"

From 1922-1969, Harrison E. Tompkins filled many roles at Park. A profile in The Park School Magazine gives the reader a complete picture of the beloved and multi-talented Mr. Tom.


Margaret F. Coe c1950
Margaret F. Coe, c1950

What Greater Gift?

Margaret Fulton Coe began teaching at Park in 1917 at the school’s first home on Auchentoroly Terrace. Her 39 years as teacher, administrator, and friend to all of Park’s students and parents were memorialized in What Greater Gift, published after her death.




Hans Froelicher, Jr. 1932
Hans Froelicher Jr., 1932

1942 Commencement Remarks and Program
by Hans Froelicher Jr.

Hans Froelicher Jr. became Headmaster in 1932 and served in that position until 1956. His 1942 commencement speech, with handwritten edits, gives a newsworthy look back at the academic year.