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Park Students Travel to Northern Manitoba to Conduct Climate Change Research

Aug 8 2017

Members of the International Student-led Arctic Monitoring and Research (ISAMR) program have departed for their annual summer trip to Northern Canada to conduct permafrost research and its relationship to climate change in Manitoba’s Wapusk National Park. This year, Upper School science teacher and program co-founder Julie Rogers is leading a team of six Park students and 15 students, teachers, and professors from Winnipeg and Churchill.

The ISAMR program is a coalition of students, teachers, and professional researchers working on a projected 30-year study of the subarctic climate. The unique extra-curricular program is an opportunity for students to travel twice annually (August and October) to the edge of the Arctic Circle to conduct original scientific research.

The group was recently awarded a $156,000 grant by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NERSC) of Canada to support the program over the next three years.

To read the group’s trip blog and view videos, visit

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The group was also featured on WJZ-13 CBS Baltimore. Click here to watch. 


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