Bus Guidelines

Good communication between the Park School, our students, and their families is important to the success of an orderly and efficient transportation operation. The following guidelines have been developed to inform you of what you can expect from the Transportation Department, and what the School needs from you to run smoothly. Please take a few minutes to read over these guidelines and discuss them with your child(ren).

Park’s Responsibilities

  • To transport students to and from school in a timely and safe manner.
  • To inform parents promptly when significant operating delays become known.
  • In the event of inclement weather, follow the Weather Emergency Policy. If a bus run is canceled, students will be cared for until parents pick them up, or bus travel becomes safe. 

Parents’ Responsibilities 

  • Complete the Transportation Application in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Make requests for schedule changes to the Transportation Department at transportation@parkschool.net or by calling 410-339-4110.
  • Traffic problems, weather, or other emergencies may cause delays beyond our control, and buses may occasionally be late or cancelled.
  • Submit in writing or via email to the Transportation Department and Lower School Office any request for guest riding privileges, whether the guest is switching from another route, or is not usually a bus rider. This request must be made well in advance of the date of the request.
  • Arrange for a responsible person to meet your Lower School rider at their evening drop-off location. Students who are fifth graders and younger and not accompanied by an older sibling, that are not met by a responsible person at their appointed stop and time, will be returned to Park School for your pick-up. There are no exceptions to this policy unless specific written instructions are on file with the Transportation Department.
  • Assist in having your child(ren) standing out at your pick-up stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time in the morning. The bus driver will wait one minute past the scheduled time of pickup. If you do not reach the stop on time, it will then be the responsibility of parents/guardian to arrange for child(ren) to be brought to school.

Students’ Responsibilities

  • Be aware that the driver is in charge and their directions should be respected and followed at all times.
  • When at your stop, remain at least five feet back from the curb. If you must cross the street, look in both directions and make sure it is safe before crossing. Approach the vehicle only after it has stopped. Once on the vehicle, move to a seat promptly.
  • Keep the bus aisle clear of all objects. Keep head, hands, arms, and any part of the body and all objects inside of the bus.
  • Remain in your seat, facing forward while the vehicle is in motion or delayed on the road.
  • Exercise good behavior on the vehicle at all times.
  • Talk in a low, gentle voice so the driver may hear any emergency equipment such as a fire engine, police car, or ambulance.
  • Chewing gum is never allowed on the vehicles.
  • In the afternoon report to the Lower School Circle on time and board buses immediately. Once aboard the bus in the afternoon, students must stay on the bus.
  • After getting off the vehicle, move five or six steps away from the side of the vehicle. If you need to cross the street, look in both directions and then cross when it is safe to do so.
  • The driver is not authorized to make any changes in schedules or stop locations. Please do not make requests of him/her for any change. Any changes in scheduling and/or stops must be made by a parent or guardian well in advance with the Transportation Department.
  • If the driver fails to comply with regulations, please report them to your parents, your Division Principal, or the Transportation Department.
  • Be aware that the driver will report you to the Division Principal if you fail to obey regulations. Repeated violations can result in suspension of rider privileges.
  • Keep the vehicle clean and free of any debris by discarding any trash in the trashcans located in the front of the bus.

Weather Emergency Policy

Our goal is to safely get your children to and from school. Roads that may be passable for cars may not be passable for buses. On snowy mornings, the decision to provide one of the following services will be made:

  • Regular routes
  • Regular routes with delayed opening
  • Morning snow routes
  • Morning snow routes with delayed opening
  • No transportation

The morning snow route will be used on especially snowy or icy mornings. The children of those families affected will not be picked up at their home, but at a close intersection with better accessibility for buses. The snow route will not be used in the afternoon, because we need to be assured that our younger students will be met by a responsible adult.

The decision regarding morning buses is made after weather reports are reviewed and after a drive around the immediate vicinity of the school, and will be posted by 6 a.m. on the front page of the website, www.parkschool.net, and on the weather phone line, 410-339-4141, press 2. Information will include which of the above five options are in effect. Bus information will not be available on television or radio.

The decision regarding afternoon transportation is made by 2 p.m. Information about afternoon transportation will be posted on the front page of the website, www.parkschool.net, and on the weather phone line, 410-339-4141, press 2.

Park staff will supervise students until they can be picked up.