Student Support & Counseling Services

The progressive experience at Park is grounded in the philosophy of a community engaging and supporting the "whole student" academically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Student Support and Counseling Services at Park aim to provide a comprehensive and developmentally attuned range of practices, services, curriculum and programs in line with this philosophy.

School Counselors

The school counselors work at the hub of student support services. They are present and accessible each school day in all divisions. Counselors work closely with students, faculty, parents, and administrators in many roles:

  • Provide assessment and short term counseling and assistance to students
  • Make referrals and consult regularly with community resources for multiple services
  • Coordinate Park's affective education curriculum
  • Teach Life Skills and Health classes with other faculty
  • Serve as core members of Park's Health Team and Park Connects
  • Deliver K through12 formal and informal parent education
  • Conduct in-service trainings on a variety of health and mental health topics
  • Address issues in the school which affect school climate and culture
  • Serve as key members of the Crisis Management Team
  • Participate regularly in student monitoring and support meetings
  • Stay current in research and practice through continuing education programs

Health Team

Members of Park's Health Team include the school's three licensed counselors, the School Nurse, and the Health Educator. A cross-divisional and multidisciplinary group, they meet weekly to ensure continuity of support and consistency of program across the divisions.

Lower School Counselor,Zella Adams
Zella Adams 
Lower School Counselor
School Nurse, Jan Brant
Jan Brant 
School Nurse
Middle and Upper School Counselor, Krista Dhruv
Krista Dhruv 
Middle & Upper School Counselor
Health Educator, Debbie Roffman
Debbie Roffman
Health Educator
Middle and Upper School Counselor, Dave Tracey
Dave Tracey
Middle & Upper School Counselor