Current Year FACA Projects

FACA Projects 2017

Creating a Cohesive Fourth Grade Language Arts and Social Studies Curriculum

The fourth grade teaching team explored new and more cohesive ways for students to experience Social Studies and Language arts, focusing on freedom and justice as a lens through which to teach American History across the curriculum.

Kindergarten Anti-Bias and Social Justice Curriculum

The Kindergarten teaching team revised their current curriculum with an anti-bias lens, empowering our youngest students with age-appropriate language and tools to develop an early understanding of human diversity and social justice.

Re-examining the Second Grade Social Studies Curriculum Through the Lens of Social Justice

The second grade teaching team re-examined new ways to allow children to explore identity, family, and culture, and address issues of race, stereotypes, and inequity through the Social Studies curriculum.

Revising and Reinvigorating the Middle School Social Studies Program

Participants looked at new departmental approaches to teaching Middle School Social Studies, revising the curriculum for each grade to fit current best practices and “to better prepare our students for the public life of a diverse and increasingly interconnected democratic society” (from The Park School Philosophy and Objectives).

The Park School's Lower and Middle School Choral Music Curriculum: Exploring the Artistic Process

Music teacher Bruce Bryant developed a comprehensive choral music curriculum for the Lower and Middle Schools, identifying priorities for successful choral learning in each of the four choirs offered throughout.

Upper School Science Research Program Development

Participants continued to develop the Upper School science department’s research program by working on both existing and new projects with partner labs, including Johns Hopkins University, Towson University, UMBC, and University of Maryland School of Medicine. These research projects allow unique opportunities for Park students to contribute to ongoing research in various specialities, while immersion in modern labs provides the critical experience in the current culture of academic research.

Making It Across the Curriculum

This hands-on project allowed teachers in all divisions to develop pilot projects and analyze how the Makerspace program can connect and enhance curriculum currently taught at Park while exploring possibilities for expanding curriculum and incorporating 21st century skills.

Modern Language Integrating Culture

This project focused on restructuring the modern language curriculum with culture as the driving force while maintaining an emphasis on communicative skills and oral proficiency. Participants explored the use of essential questions to teach culture, an important component of preparing students for full participation in a global community.

Stories from Home

Participants from across divisions and departments explored the premise that we "can't truly be ourselves and bring ourselves fully to our work if we don't really know where we came from and we don't have a space to share who we are." The project provided a place for discussions of life experiences and cultural values through storytelling, planning lessons, and sharing traditions and food.

Using New Technology Tools Effectively in the Classroom

Participants developed skills in at least one specific area of emerging technology and planned and created curricular content using the new technology.