Diversity-Related Activities and Programs


Partners at Park

This highly successful program is a mentoring and diversity initiative that promotes multicultural education, leadership, and community building throughout the school. The program pairs Lower School students from diverse backgrounds with Middle or Upper School buddies. It currently involves over 125 participants. Students meet individually with their buddies on a weekly basis and participate as a group in a variety of social activities throughout the year. Parents take part in a number of events, including a Harvest dinner in the fall for all partners and their families. Several members of Park's faculty and administration serve as liaisons to programs for the three divisions. 


Civil Rights Trip

The Park School/City College High School Civil Rights Trip has taken place annually since 2004. Students and teachers from the two schools visit sites in the south that were important to the Civil Rights Movement and use what they learn as a springboard for discussion about activism and ways we can tackle current civil rights issues in Baltimore and beyond.

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday

To commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Park Service and the Park community meet each year to mark the date in a number of ways: a "Friendship Breakfast," guest speakers, on-campus activities, service opportunities in the great Baltimore community, and fixing meals or sandwiches to be delivered to soup kitchens throughout the city.

These programs and activities allow families to find special ways to honor Dr. King and work together to help people with great needs in the Greater Baltimore area.

Cultural Diversity Film & Discussion Series

Presented by the Parents' Association, The Cultural Diversity Film & Discussion Series has been meeting since 1995. The purpose of the group is to provide a forum for parents, faculty, students, and members of the community to celebrate multiculturalism and to achieve a greater understanding of diversity issues. 


Diversity Committees

Volunteer committees of students, faculty and administrators, parents, and trustees provide important support for diversity efforts. Upper School students have formed several groups, including the Black Awareness Committee, the Asian Culture Club, and the Gay/Straight Alliance. The work of these groups includes sponsoring special days of speakers and seminars, such as Black Awareness Day, the Lunar New Year Celebration, and AIDS Awareness Day.

The Middle School Gay/Straight Alliance addresses the topic of equity regarding issues of sexual orientation through shared readings and discussions. This group also sponsors the National Day of Silence to draw attention to those in our community who may be silenced due to issues of sexual orientation, race, religion, socio-economics, or political views.