Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

"It is the objective of the school to be a place where each person is respected and valued, and plain speaking, honesty, and authenticity govern all relationships. By striving to create and maintain a community of diverse perspectives and experiences, the school encourages its students to question their assumptions, develop empathy and achieve a richer understanding of the world."

The Park School Philosophy

Park’s founders insisted that we would be non-sectarian, taking a principled and groundbreaking stand against discriminatory practices in education. In its one hundred years, Park has continued to challenge its own definition of what an inclusive community can and must be if we are to honor the legacy of our founders. Just as the school was the first in Baltimore to admit students of many faiths without quotas, we later were the first independent school to admit African American students.

This imperative of inclusivity continues to be integral to our philosophy and pedagogy because we know that diversity, in its broadest sense, is essential to a dynamic classroom and a healthy school. Learning at Park is not simply about acquiring content knowledge. Learning involves listening to and working with all members of the community, considering and embracing different points of view, and empathizing with and understanding perspectives and experiences unlike our own.

Today a diverse classroom creates a wholly educated individual, one who has the confidence, compassion, and openness to engage others, who understands that we have an ethical responsibility to listen to and learn from each other. Our community must reflect the diversity of our world, both visible and invisible, to ensure a welcoming and safe environment, not just because this is the right thing to do, but also because a diverse classroom creates the most powerful and effective learning environment.