Advance from Skins to Players this summer at Park’s Minecraft Builders program. Do you revel in crafting, tools, health, hunger, and stocking inventory? How about building fantastical worlds, surviving the night in uncharted territories, and letting your imagination run as far as it can?

This summer, passionate peers will converge to learn the basics, share their creations, and develop Minecraft strategies to elevate their casual play. Each day, campers will spend four hours in clinic learning, participating in open builds, and enjoying the oddities of the Minecraft’s endless storyline. Breaks for lunch and free swim are included each day along with time to explore Park School’s beautiful 100-acre campus. The final two days of the camp include a two-hour multiplayer tournament.

Camp Details

June 18–June 22 9-13 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. $420