2017–2018 Exhibitions

2017–2018 Exhibitions

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MAy 1–MAY 25, 2018

Richman Gallery, Davison Lobby, Library Gallery


Hot Dogs and Lemonade will be served!



Senior Shows 2018

March 22–April 13

Richman Gallery, Davison Lobby, Library Gallery

Reception: Tuesday, April 3 from 3:30–5:00 pm in the Davison Lobby

We’re happy to present this year's Senior Shows!

Come check out the work and congratulate this year’s Senior Studio Students.

Isabel Berner
Tyrese Duncan-Moore
Ethan Harrison
Jacob Kligman
Kenya Boston
Lydia Eastman
Lizzie Kane
Abby Stubb
Ani Burnet
Felice Falk
Josie Renkwitz

Robin White
Megan Stombler
Bria Dorsey
Sam Fuss
Kendall Laughton
Noë Wolf
Emily Drachman
Brigitte Grover
Ilana Miller


Creature Comforts

January 19–February 23, 2018
Richman Gallery, Davison Lobby, Library Gallery

RECEPTION: Thursday, February 8 3:30–5:00 pm

Creature Comforts, Park’s Winter 2018 exhibition will feature Baltimore-based furniture artists:
Will Holman
Sarah Marriage
Rick Rubin
Dan Whitson
Park School Students

The exhibition asks the viewer to consider how our furnishings reflect who we are as individuals, and as members of a family or community. How does design play a role in our daily living, and how does human interaction with our spaces and our furnishings impact how we view the larger world? What do the objects we live with say about us?








Diana Lee Fox '75 Artist in Residence

On Wednesday, November 8, the upper school hosted this year's Diana Lee Fox '75 Artist in Residence. FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture is an art activist collective based in Baltimore, MD.
Co-founder Hannah Brancato and studio manager, Shanti Flagg spent the day with upper school students where they presented their work at the US assembly, workshopped with students to develop statements of support, and led 25 students in creating their own quilt squares to be included in the Monument Quilt, a public activist art project created by FORCE. 

The completed quilt squares along with the statements of support are now on view in the Richman Gallery through December 8.

This work contains mature content that deals with sexual assault and contains graphic language. Please be advised that the work is appropriate for mature middle school students
and older.


After Effects

September 22–December 8, 2017
Monday-Friday: 9 a.m.-6 p.m. 

Richman Gallery, Davison Lobby, Library Gallery

Reception: Thursday, October 5 from 3:30–4:30 p.m.

After Effects includes the work of artists Amanda BurnhamWendel Patrick, and Tom Rice and features the work of Park School students.

This exhibition considers the impact of our decisions on those around us. Whether making personal choices or regarding decisions made by our leaders, these works explore the implications of our decisions and their impact on the society at large.

Images left to right: Portrait of Bernie Sanders by Amanda Burnham, Image from the Baltimore Uprising by Wendel Patrick, Rivers and Lakes by Tom Rice.