Computer Science

The Park School is committed to providing students with opportunities to experience all aspects of computer science and technology. Courses in the field of computer science are designed to teach engineering and design principles, while exposing students to the latest technology in hardware and software. 

Beyond computer science, a growing number of classes offered in the arts, math, science, and English departments make use of Park’s extensive technology and take place in computer and science labs, visual art and music rooms, individual classrooms, and the library. 

Special interests in computer science are handled through projects and independent study.

Fall Semester Course


Grades: 10-12

Learn how to write programs using the Python programming language. No previous programming experience required. Python is a relatively fun and easy language to learn, yet provides the basic conceptual underpinnings of the important ideas in computer science.


Grades: 10-12

This course explores the various layers in a computer system, from elementary logic circuits through operating systems and compilers up to applications. Programming knowledge required, Python language or an equivalent.

Spring Semester Course

intermediate programming: python

Grades: 9-12

Prerequisite: Permission of the science department.

advanced projects

Grades: 9-12

Prerequisite: Significant programming experience or permission of the science department.