Upper School Computer Science & Robotics


The Park School of Baltimore seeks candidates for a computer science and robotics teacher with excellent academic credentials, demonstrated distinction in one or both fields, and a strong record of leading major initiatives. Willingness to supervise and engage peers and students in large-scale design projects and/or robotics is preferable. An orientation compatible with Park’s commitment to progressive educational practices is essential.

The computer science & robotics teacher will play a unique and visionary role in the Upper School Science Department. While computer science and engineering currently exist within the Upper School, there is growing demand for thoughtful, organic growth of engineering, robotics, and computer science within the department and the division. We are seeking a dynamic, innovative individual with an eye for creative and collaborative problem solving and program development.

All Upper School Science Department courses include formal and informal assessments and written reports. The new faculty member will attend weekly faculty and department meetings, serve on school-wide committees, and share in regularly assigned duties, including advising a group of students. The computer science & engineering teacher participates fully in the life of Park’s Upper School as well as the K-12 science department. Depending on the combination of responsibilities and the candidate’s interest, this position may be part or full time.


The Science Department engages and challenges students to develop the ability, confidence, and enthusiasm to inquire about the natural world. The Science Department supports these goals by promoting a durable understanding of the natural world through the study of chemical, biological, and physical principles. Rather than seeing each of these as separate disciplines, we encourage students to grapple with their interaction and mutual influence. 

In our classrooms, we emphasize processes of inquiry and thoughtful analysis over rote recitation. Students learn to question what they observe, to look for evidence for and against a particular viewpoint. They design tests to collect data and develop increasingly sophisticated models. This emphasis on scientific process encourages an open-minded and rigorous independence of thought that students then bring to bear on the world around them.

The Science Department feels strongly that students should have the opportunity to pursue advanced work in the major disciplines. We believe that this is best accomplished by offering a rich elective program with curricula designed to meet the interests and passions of students.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, or notable professional experience, in one or both computer science and engineering
  • Teaching experience at the high school level preferred
  • Orientation to progressive education and pedagogy
  • Candidates from diverse backgrounds and/or who have experience in cultural competency work are strongly encouraged to apply

Additional Considerations

  • Successful candidates will have experience in one or more of the following: robotics, statistical modeling, CAD software, architectural modeling, graphical design, animation, etc.
  • Knowledge of the interdisciplinary nature of computer science and engineering as it interacts with science, math, art, and history
  • Interest in building projects that give students opportunities to demonstrate their understanding in the greater Baltimore community 


Park salaries and benefits are highly competitive with those in other leading independent schools. For new appointments, salaries reflect experience and training equated to Park’s scales. 

In addition to normal retirement and health benefits, the school offers the following distinctive programs:

Faculty & Curricular Advancement (FACA) Program

This program supports summer professional development work by faculty on a distinctive scale. Established in 1989, FACA is supported by a $5.9 million endowment; currently, over 40% of all Park faculty participate annually. Grants cover full salary and benefits for group or individual projects selected through a formal review process. Grants range from one to four weeks.

Tuition Remission

Under current policy, employees who have been employed at Park full-time for two years are eligible to receive full tuition remission for their children who attend Park. All applicants, including employee children, must meet Park’s standards for admission. During the first two years of employment, employees can apply for support through the need-based financial assistance program.

Application Process

Send letter of interest, statement of educational philosophy, employment application, and current resume to:

Contact Person:
Priscilla Morales
Associate Head of School
The Park School of Baltimore
2425 Old Court Road
Baltimore, MD 21208

The Park School of Baltimore does not discriminate against employees or applicants for employment on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, ancestry, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or any physical or mental disability unrelated to a reasonable performance of an employee's duties.