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Community Stories

We began rehearsing Jack Ramey's original opera while the pages were still wet with ink and scratch marks. The music was wildly atonal for that time and I was asked to accompany on the piano what looked like an impossible score. When Jack asked me to stand up and pluck the strings inside the piano, I said, "You want me to do what??" Ironically as an accompanist and interpreter of traditional and contemporary music, this may have been some of the best and earliest musical training for what I now do. Thank you Jack Ramey!

Diane Katzenberg Braun Alumna/us

I was given the freedom and responsibility to become a student and teacher simultaneously. To have an institution empower a student to learn the things that he or she sees fit is a massive responsibility, and is one that most Park students take with great care, and perhaps even take for granted. There is no doubt that I would not be who I am today without Park School. I am still inspired by those who showed me the way, and allowed me to be the best student I could be. To attack problems from unorthodox approaches, to write and rewrite, and rewrite over and over until my ideas were coherent. I had the distinct privilege of being both an alumnus and a member of the faculty, and I only hope that I instilled in my students the same love of learning, love for the world, and the courage to go out and change that world if there's something there that isn't working. To challenge existing thoughts and create new models of thinking. I cannot think of a better place for young learners to be than Park School.

David Golaner '96 Alumna/us

Park has always been a place that helped students find their passions. I didn't know that mine was science until 10th grade biology with George Dalshiemer. Mr. Dalshiemer encouraged me, engaged my competitive streak, and saw in me things that I didn't know were there. Six years later he offered me a job teaching science in the Lower School, where I learned the hands-on, investigative teaching methods that Park excels at. Fast forward 20 years; graduate school, several interesting jobs and then an opportunity to teach biology at a small, liberal arts college (Beloit). My Park School experiences- as student and as teacher informed my teaching and my work in curriculum development and leadership at the college level. So much of what I do every day builds upon the lessons from Park- be bold, look for connections and follow your dreams.

Marion Fass (Field) Alumna/us
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Leah Wissow '06 Alumna/us
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Joan Parr Alumna/us

Without Park School I would not be. Park School has played a big part in my family. I am the Great granddaughter of Park school founder Dr Louis P Hamburger. My Grandparents Dr Louis P Hamburger Jr and my grandmother Klare Lobe started dating at Park. They were married for 68 years. Both my mom Fritzi and my Uncle Petey Hamburger attended Park School. Thank you for the education you gave to my family.

Caroline Gries Great Granddaughter of Founder Louis P Hamburger

In 1976, the two of us, Toby Greenberg and Barbara Cook, parents of Wendy Greenberg (1977) and Sally Cook (1976), went to Headmaster Chuck Callahan and asked him if we could start a cooking class at Park School. Both students were about to go away to college shortly and we thought it would be helpful to teach students how to feed themselves once they were away from home and maybe avoid buying fast food. We thought we could do this with a single electric burner or a toaster oven and built our menus with that in mind. Mr Callahan was agreeable as kitchen cabinets and a stove had recently been donated to the school but not yet in use. However, we had to bring every ingredient, every bowl, pot, skillet, pan, and utensil to every lesson. Our lists had lists, but we did it! It was arranged that classes would take place near the end of the school day and would be offered to Middle and Upper school students. It was strictly an elective and we were thrilled by the response. The students signed up for the classes. The Middle School had six slots and so did the Upper School. The cost per student for each class was $9. Here's are some of the menus: English Muffin Pizzas Cinnamon Puffs Clam Spaghetti and Cheese Bread Coffee Mousse with Nut Brittle and Fudge Sauce Pepper Steak and Fried Rice Fudge Brownies Spinach and Mushroom Crepes Raspberry Cheesecake We had a lot of fun. Here is a list of our students: Margo Baylin, Susan Brager, Caren Fish, Laury Gold, Judy Gordon, Ina Williams, Jill Reamer, Louise Yaffe, Cindy Minkin, Larie Kaplan, Nancy Cohen, Laurie Plant, Rutie Blumenfeld ,Kelly Berger, Susan Hecher, Helene Novin, Patti Neuman, Lisa Paul, Natalie Stern, Melanie York, Sharon Achinstein, Gillian Wood, Liz Lichtenstein, Eve Colson, Stacey Jackson, Lorre Askew, Cindy Brager, Singleton Bascom, Betsy Fader, Karen Massey, Wendy Berman, Jane Mailman, Dene Feldman, Dale Pakula, Jackie Cunningham, David Dalsheimer, Jack Ramey, Mickey Abrams, Sally Ries, Amy Fox, Laurie Lakin, Amy Fedder, Debby Plant, Robert Krulevitz, Ellen Plant, Kathy Katz, Danny Feingold, Ramsey Kiratli, Howy Cohen, Kathy Solomon, Michelle Van Natta, Barbara Kann, Nancy Langsner, Brenden McFarland, Sharon Mazer, Marietta Hedges, Sherri Dunne. We wonder, are you all still cooking??? WE ARE!

Barbara Cook & Toby Greenberg Parent

I was the third and youngest of the three Levenson siblings to attend Park School... The school was on Liberty Heights Ave, only a short walk for our home on Springdale Avenue. When my brother Bill went to Park School, he took our much loved collie, Tippy to school with him. Park School accepted Tippy and when our sister, Frances, followed Bill she made it tradition. Thus I followed suit. Tippy sat in the center of our many circles of learning taking it all in. In fact, apparently hungry for more Park learning, Tippy frequently wandered off alone to the school on a Saturday or Sunday.

When my name was called at graduation, I approached Dr. Froelicher. He shook my hand, smiled broadly and handed me two Park School diplomas- one with my name and one for Tippy!

How many others are there that can claim a beautiful collie with a high school diploma from the Park School?

Myra Levenson '43 Alumna/us